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Society of St. Peter and Paul Seminary


My brothers and sisters in Christ:  alt

 SSPP is A citadel of learning where great hearts and  minds on evangelisation are brewed in an African pot.The hope of the Church.

The Church was given a mandate in Jesus’ Great Commission: “Go and make disciples from all nations” [Mt. 28:19] and in [Lk 22:19] “Do this in Memory of Me”.  For Peter, the Head of the Apostles and Paul, the Teacher of the nations, this injunction culminated in their reaching Rome from whence missionaries in turn set out from the Eternal City to spread the Gospel to the very ends of the earth.

Today, with the advent of the age of technology, Jesus’ mandate still holds true but with a different template.  Technology and Christianity are partners in a more effective manner of proclaiming, informing and transforming.  The Good News is proclaimed; the faith is taught, and lives can be transformed.  The new Website of the Roman Catholic Society of Sts. Peter and Paul at: all about those three generic objectives of the Society.

 Please feel free to “Contact Us” to comment on our website, hopefully with suggestions that will help it serve the Church and people in the world more effectively.

A married friend told me that getting ready for launching a website reminded him of planning for a very, very, very big wedding. He was being humorous, but he was actually more accurate than he knew. The relationship of a bishop and his local Church is very close to a marriage. The ring I wear is a symbol of every bishop’s love for his Church. And a bishop’s marriage to the local Church reminds me, and all of us, that a bishop is called to love his Church with all his heart, just as Christ loved her and gave his life for her.

Of course, my appointment to the Society of St.Peter and Paul (SSPP) is an arranged marriage, and the Holy Spirit is the matchmaker. The good news is that romance is a modern invention — and given the divorce rate, not everything it’s cranked up to be. In fact, history suggests that arranged marriages often worked at least as well as those based on romantic love. When arranged marriages were common, there was an expectation that people would get to know each other and then come to love one another. Good matchmakers were aware of the family history of each of the spouses and their particular needs. And the really wise matchmakers could make surprisingly good choices.

In the Church, we believe that the Holy Spirit guides the decisions of the Church. And the results are always joyful if we commit our wills to cooperating with God’s plan. For any marriage to work, two things need to happen. People need to fall in love, and together they need to be fruitful. That’s what we need to dedicate ourselves to today – to love one another and be fruitful together in the new evangelization.

Getting to know each other is a great adventure. Our life together is part of the story of salvation, which God continues even into our own time. Mary didn’t expect the Annunciation. She didn’t expect to be mother of the Redeemer. And yet her act of obedience changed the course of history and led to a new covenant of love and fruitfulness.

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